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My first attempt at menswear and children’s wear (which I’m not sure about making a habit of).

Inspired by the short lived 2011 series (Fox announced yesterday that the show would not be renewed for a second season) Terra Nova about the Shannon family from 2149 who travel 85 million years into the past to join the Terra Nova colony in the time of the dinosaurs.

**Traveling from the future to the past can be quite the experience, but the Shannon family was definitely dressed appropriately for their journey.  I’ve decided for this whole set to showcase something inspired by each member of the family.  For the men I’ve chosen casual attire in a jean and a cargo pant and paired them with henley tops.  For the females, the style was again kept casual, with leggings and cargos with more feminine tops.  The whole set was created keeping the shows colours in mind, hues of brown, green, black and grey.  For added fun I’ve thrown in backpacks to help with travels, a stethoscope to represent Dr. Elisabeth Shannon, a police badge emblem to represent Jim Shannon and a dinosaur ring and pair of earrings to represent their surroundings.

Sad to see the series go, I actually liked it.  It was filling the void for me that arrived with Lost finished. RIP Terra Nova (09.26.11-12.19.11)

To purchase anything you see above, please click the link below:

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